HEJ Natural

HEJ Oat (organic) - 12 x 45g

  • Organic, vegan & gluten free
  • Made from wholegrain oat flakes and refined with nut butter
  • 40% less sugar than other similar bars
EUR 17,99 EUR 23,49 EUR 33,31 / kg



Oat bar for #bettersnacking

We are polishing up the oat bar’s dull image to bring you HEJ Oat – super soft and stunningly delicious. Not dry, no sugar spike, and no gluten.

Selected organic ingredients

The main ingredients are gluten free wholegrain oat flakes, crunchy quinoa, creamy nut butter, and natural sweetness from dates and rice syrup.

40% less sugar

Our wholegrain bar has 40% less sugar than similar oat bars, using dates and rice syrup to bring a natural sweetness.

Refined with nut butter

The HEJ Oat is refined with nut butter. That makes it particularly soft and juicy, and gives it that something special.

3 exciting varieties

Try our wholegrain oat bar in three different flavors - Choco Hazelnut, Red Berries and Choco Banana.

No bad stuff…

Our HEJ Oat contains no cane sugar, no gluten, no palm oil, no artificial flavors or colors.

The bar with a soft heart…

Gluten-free wholegrain oat flakes

Less sugar than other similar oat bars

Nut butter to make it gloriously soft

T-oat-ally in love

"Wow, so delicious AND vegan. Choco Hazelnut and Choco Banana are my absolute favorites."


Banana and Chocolate 

A real flavor classic, but now even better: try fruity bananas with coconut-blossom sweetened dark chocolate.

HEJ, they speak for themselves.

Soft, moist consistency
Hard, dry, or tough consistency
40 % less sugar
High sugar content
Clear ingredient list
Unrecognizable ingredient names
Gluten free
Contains traces of gluten
No added ingredients
Added flavors, colors, and preservatives

Frequently asked questions

  • Why are so many oat bars so dry?
  • We ask ourselves the same thing. That is why we experimented with nut butter when making our HEJ Oats to create a soft, moist oat bar.
  • How much sugar is there in HEJ Oats?
  • Many oat bars are full of sugar. We decided to use the natural sweetness of dates and rice syrup. At the same time, we managed to create a recipe with 40% less sugar than similar oat bars. No more sugar spikes!
  • How do they make gluten-free oat flakes?
  • Oats are not related to wheat and are therefore naturally gluten-free. Sometimes however, oats may come into contact with gluten containing grains from neighbouring fields or through being processed at mills that also process wheat or barley. That is why we pay particular attention to the origin and production of our oat flakes and can guarantee our oat bars are gluten-free.


  • This article contains oats and peanuts.
  • May contain traces of milk, soy, sesame and other nuts.

Additional information

  • Certified organic by: DE-ÖKO-006