HEJ Natural

HEJ Vegan Crispies - Double Chocolate

  • Vegan chocolate protein bar with crispies
  • 11 g protein and only 0.1 g sugar per bar
  • No soy protein, collagen, or palm oil
EUR 28,99 EUR 53,69 / kg



11 g protein per bar

Without soy protein

Less than 0.1 g per bar

Top nutrition

Finally here!

I was skeptical at first, but from the first bite it was just unbelievably good! I am already totally in love with Vegan Crispies – this may be my new craving!


Endless chocolate

With a chewy cacao creme center, roasted cacao nibs, and finest semi-sweet chocolate, the HEJ Vegan Crispy Double Chocolate is an intense chocolate snack pleasure.

What’s in it?

Our best seller – now vegan friendly!

Our chocolate revolution continues with high-quality plant protein: still luxuriously creamy, with chewy grains, crunchy crispies, and the finest semi-sweet chocolate.

Plant protein

The two plant powerhouses, peas and fava beans, also known as broad beans, are high in protein and have a neutral flavor that makes them perfect for our vegan crispies!

Extra portion of flavor

High-quality plant-products and a unique recipe give this chocolaty protein bar an especially soft texture and a singularly delicious flavor.

Exceptional nutrition

With only 166 kcal, less than 0.1 g sugar and over 11 g protein per bar. The perfect protein snack for any situation.

No compromises

We have been developing our Vegan Crispy for over a year, to give you a vegan friendly solution to tackle your most severe cravings head on, without compromises!

What you won’t find…

You won’t find anything that a proper chocolate bar doesn’t need: no palm oil, no artificial flavors or colors.

HEJ, a few words can say a lot...

High protein & low sugar
Added sugar
Protein from peas and fava beans
Soy protein
Delicious chewy texture
Tough and gritty texture
Natural flavors
Artificial flavors
Sweetened with stevia and maltitol
Weird artificial flavor

Frequently asked questions

Allergens and information

  • May contain traces of soy, milk, gluten, eggs, peanuts, nuts.