HEJ Natural

HEJ Protein Vegan - Vanilla 900g

  • 73.7 g protein per 100 g
  • Rice and pea protein
  • Gluten- and lactosefree
30g 450g 900g
EUR 34,99 EUR 38,88 / kg



Forget sandy protein shakes!

You tried vegan shakes before, but they were just too sandy? We hear you! Now you can try a vegan shake not only free of milk but also gluten free and soy free.

What is inside?

Certified by Institute Fresenius

The HEJ Protein Vegan is made in verified and certified production facilities to ensure the highest quality for the end product.

High Protein!

Premium mix of pea and rice protein strengthens your muscles. 22.1 g of proteins per shake!

Free from aspartame and gluten

Our vegan protein contains only valuable ingredients tailored to your personal fitness – plant-based protein for your muscles.

Mixed well with water

HEJ’s vegan protein is easily mixed with water and does not have the well-known sandy taste that comes with regular vegan protein powders.

Super tasty and naturally delicious

Real vanilla and real cocoa are used for this premium vegan powder.

Ingredients delivered from verified sources.

The HEJ Protein Vegan uses pea & rice protein from verified high quality sources.

Shake it with HEJ!

Delicious taste
Sandy mouthfeel
No soy protein
Main ingredient: soy or wheat protein
No artificial flavors
Artificial flavors
Gluten free
Gluten from cheap wheat protein
Short ingredients list
Long list of chemical ingredients

Frequently asked questions

About the ingredients

  • Rice and pea protein
  • 22.1 g protein per Shake
  • Less than 0.1 g sugar per shake
  • Lactose free
  • Gluten free


  • May contain traces of egg protein and soy.