HEJ Natural

HEJ Whey Bundle

  • 3 new flavours in one bundle
  • Fruity, chocolaty & creamy
  • Ideal shake after a workout or in between
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HEJ, they are new!

Why only start a year motivated when we can finish it just as strong? We still have a creamy surprise for you at the end of this year.

Here are 3 new flavours for our Natural Whey Protein: Try Blueberry, Brownie or Buttermilk.

And because all good things come in threes, we have packed them directly into one bundle. Full of protein, super soluble and soooo creamy. You just have to shake them!


The world needs more brownies as does our product range. Because we love brownies as much as our community, after our Crispy and Hejbar, we finally present to you our Natural Whey Protein in chocolaty brownie style!


In the blueberry sector, our bars also already have an advantage: The Crispy Blueberry Chocolate and our Hejbite Blueberry are among the absolute favourites. But believe us, our Whey Protein with blueberry yoghurt taste will also shake directly into your heart.


This is new, even for us: With buttermilk and a touch of lemon we have created a refreshing flavour that will keep you awake and cheery. Mix yourself this power shake for a really tasty end of the year.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is whey protein?
  • Whey protein is valuable protein from milk and cheese production. During workouts your muscle cells are being “damage” and proteins are macronutrients which help repair these cells. Whey has a very high bioavailability which means lots of protein is arriving in your muscles cells rather than being broken down by digestive processes.
  • Why is whey protein valuable?
  • Whey protein contains high levels of essential amino acids and is being easily processed by the body. After an intense workout, whey is the ideal protein source to maximize the protein synthesis.
  • What is the protein content in the HEJ Natural Whey Protein?
  • The protein content varies between 72% - 77% and the whey originates from German milk farmers.
  • How is HEJ’s Whey different from other whey proteins?
  • Our whey is reduced in sweetness and has a short list of natural ingredients. The production complies with the highest quality standards in German food laws.

That's inside:

  • 1x HEJ Natural Whey Protein 450g Blueberry Yogurt
  • 1x HEJ Natural Whey Protein 450g Brownie
  • 1x HEJ Natural Whey Protein 450g Buttermilk