HEJ Natural

Hejbite - 12 x 40g

  • Delicious natural nut bar – crunchy!
  • Agave sweetened
  • Organic, vegan and gluten free
EUR 22,90 EUR 47,71 / kg

Your healthy snack for school, work or long drives.

Why is it good for me?

Healthy nuts are a great source of natural energy. No sugar rush from this agave sweetened delicious treat!

When do I eat it?

Whenever you feel like it. Especially in between meals as a power snack or during long work days!

Take one delicious Hejbite at a time - they are a great natural, vegan source of energy!

What is inside?

Only real ingredients

We believe real ingredients are best for you. That's why our Hejbite is packed with nutritious organic nuts.

Natural Fuel

Premium nuts deliver many benefits – Omega 3 fats & natural proteins. For your healthy lifestyle.

100% organic

Sustainable, ecological, tasty! If it's good for you, it should also be good for the environment.

100% vegan

California almonds paired with real whole foods bound by tasty agave - That’s it!

Natural sweetness

We sweeten with agave to keep the sugar content as low as possible. You can enjoy every bite of natural goodness!

Gluten free

Specific production processes ensure certified gluten free products!

Hejbite for everyday life.

“Fantastic organic nut bar! Not too sweet and delivers constant energy!!”

Team HEJ

Your answer to the afternoon low is called Hejbite!

Your trusted companion – vegan, gluten free and only the best ingredients from mother nature.

HEJ! Simply the best!

Real ingredients & premium nuts
Cheap oat bars
100% organic, vegan & gluten free
Lots of gluten and not vegan
Sweetness from agave syrup
Sweetened with glucose
30% less sugar than comparable products
Huge amounts of processed sugars
Fills your cravings longer
Sugar rush and crash 

Instagram customer comments

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"Nothing better than a Hejbite in between meals 👌🏻"
Julia S.

"Really, really, really yummy 🤤 – I could eath the whole pack at once"
Heike R.

"Can’t get enough of the Hejbites 😍"
Christine D.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is the Hejbite vegan, gluten-free and organic?
  • The Hejbite is 100% organic, vegan and free from any gluten. Before each production all machines are being specially cleaned to ensure that all bars are gluten free.
  • What is the main ingredient of the Hejbite?
  • The main ingredient of the Hejbite are organic almonds. This is unlike other bars which mainly consist of cheap oats.
  • What makes the Hejbite special?
  • The Hejbite is a natural & delicious combination of whole organic nuts and agave syrup. The Hejbite provides healthy energy and is additionally 100% vegan and certified organic.

About the ingredients

  • Finally, there is the perfect snack on the road! Made of 100% natural ingredients, the Hejbite provides delicious energy on trips, in the afternoon or in the office.
  • Sweetened with natural agave, the Hejbite is the healthy alternative when those cravings are coming.
  • Vegan, organic and gluten free!


  • Variant Blueberry: Contains almonds and cashews.
  • Variant Roasted Nuts: Contains peanuts and almonds.
  • Variant Almond & Sea Salt, Vanilla & Cocoa Nibs and Organic Coconut: contains almonds, hazelnuts and peanuts.
  • Variant Crunchy Peanut: contains brazil nuts, cashews, almonds, peanuts.
  • Variant Chocolate & Nuts: contains almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts and soy.
  • Variant Almond & Sea Salt: May contain traces of nutshell fragments, nuts, sesame, milk, eggs and soy.
  • Variant Chocolate & Nuts: May contain traces of nutshell fragments, nuts, sesame, milk and eggs.
  • Variant Crunchy Peanut: May contain traces of nutshell fragments, sesame, milk and soy.
  • Variant Organic Coconut: May contain traces of nutshell fragments, nuts, sesame, milk, eggs and soy.
  • Variant Vanilla & Cocoa Nibs: May contain traces of nutshell fragments, nuts, sesame, milk eggs and soy.
  • Variant Blueberry: May contain traces of nutshell fragments, sesame, milk, eggs and soy.
  • Variant Roasted Nuts: May contain traces of nutshell fragments, sesame seeds and other nuts.

Additional information

  • Certified organic by: DE-ÖKO-006