HEJ Natural

Pure Natural Snack (organic) - 1 x 40g

  • 100% organic & vegan
  • Only 7 ingredients
  • High protein & natural sweetness
EUR 2,49 EUR 6,23 / 100g


100% organic, vegan & delicious

Better snacking to perfection

We packed 5 years of snacking experience into one product and combined the best of them all: natural organic ingredients, high protein and really delicious taste.

Short ingredients list

This treat has only 7 ingredients – all pronounceable and practically straight from nature into the snack.

100% organic quality

If natural, then organic: All ingredients of the Pure Natural Snacks come from controlled organic cultivation.

Vegan. High protein. Delicious!

Vegan, natural, high in protein and above all: still delicious! It is made for sports enthusiasts, nutrition freaks and sweet tooths – in short: for everyone.

The future of snacking

More than 20 different recipes, trials, optimisations and recipe refinements were tested for years until we were sure: We produced the future and it turned out delicious!

Strong nutritional values

The Pure Natural Snack is high in protein and has a natural sweetness from dates. Artificial additives? You won't find them here.

Almost too tasty to be true

Plant-based protein

100 % organic quality

From pea protein

Pure excitement

„Woah, are you serious? How how how delicious are the new bars? Hey no kidding, these are the best VEGAN protein bars."


The future tastes almondy

Forget what you've been snacking so far and enjoy the full taste of nature.

HEJ, they speak for themselves.

Only 7 ingredients
Long ingredient list
Delicious consistency
Sandy, crumbly consistency
Pronounceable ingredients
Incomprehensible description
Natural sweetness from dates
Industrial sugar
No additives
Flavorings, colourings & preservatives

Frequently asked questions

  • What's the catch?
  • There is none. No hidden ingredients, no flavorings, preservatives, colourings or other artificial additives. Just pure nature.
  • Only 7 ingredients?
  • In fact, there are actually only 5 ingredients: Cocoa mass, fiber from chicory root, pea protein, dates and almonds. Because we use almond paste and chopped almonds, date syrup and date paste, there are officially 7 ingredients in total.
  • Where does the protein come from?
  • We used pea protein for the Pure Natural Snacks. It is a plant-based alternative to animal protein and high in protein while maintaining a low amount in fat and carbohydrates.


  • This product contains almonds.
  • May contain traces of soy, gluten, eggs, milk and peanuts.

Additional information

  • Certified organic by: DE-ÖKO-006