HEJ Natural

Organic Duo

  • 100% organic, vegan & tasty
  • 12 x Pure Natural Snack
  • 12 x Hejbite
EUR 48,90 EUR 50,80

HEJ, if natural, then organic.

This duo is made for all sweet tooths who like to snack naturally. One crunchy, the other super soft and both just pure nature!

Our Hejbite and all new Pure Natural Snacks are full of good organic ingredients, have a natural sweetness and are the vegan answer to your cravings.

And because we know that two are gone way too fast, you get 24 of them right here.

New: Pure Natural Snack

The best of HEJ combined: organic, vegan, lots of protein, lots of fiber and incomparably delicious.

Our classic: Hejbite

It’s organic, vegan, gluten-free and provides full nut power in 7 different flavors.

Instagram customer comments of our Hejbites

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"Nothing better than a Hejbite in between meals 👌🏻"
Julia S.

"Really, really, really yummy 🤤 – I could eath the whole pack at once"
Heike R.

"Can’t get enough of the Hejbites 😍"
Christine D.

Das ist drin

  • 12 x 40g - Pure Natural Snack (organic)
  • 12 x 40g - Hejbite (organic)

Weitere Informationen

  • Certified organic by: DE-ÖKO-006