HEJ Crispy - 12 x 45g

  • 14g protein per bar
  • Low sugar
  • Stevia sweetened
EUR 26,99 EUR 49,98 / kg

What is inside?

Chocolate Revolution

Layers of chocolate, a soft core, coated with premium crispies for a perfect snack. 100% taste, 0% cheat day!

No Compromise

Two years of intense research and development of some of the smartest food scientists in the world went into the this bar. Enjoy!

Perfect Ingredients

Premium milk protein sweetened with stevia – the best ingredients for your healthy lifestyle.

What's NOT inside?

We don't use any added sugar, cheap collagen protein, palm oil, artificial flavors, colors or anything else that you don't want in your body.

Clean nutritional values

Just 174 kcal, 1.9 g sugar and 13 g protein per bar. The healthy alternative to every chocolate candy bar.

Protein all day

Premium milk protein & crunchy crispies will power your day and help satisfy any cravings.

Top Facts

Only 1.8 g sugar

14 g protein

Palm oil free

Protein can be this delicious!

"This is incredible! You think you are snacking a candy bar, but the nutritional values tell a completely different story. How is that possible?"

Team HEJ

Joy in a nutshell

Crispy. White Chocolate. Peanut. Roasted peanut pieces, a delicate caramel note and the finest white chocolate make this bar taste as delicious as it sounds.

Compromise? Not with HEJ!

High Protein & Low Sugar
Added Sugar
Premium Milk Protein
Cheap Collagen
Incredibly Delicious Flavors
Sandy Mouthfeel
Natural Flavors
Artificial Aromas
Stevia sweetened
Artificial Taste

Full Chocolate Flavor.
No Regrets.

No matter where and when you want your chocolate – the HEJ Crispy will always satisfy your cravings!

At home, office & school


To go

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"So far I was disappointed by every protein bar I tried. This one is amazing 😍"
Martina F.

"Cookies & Cream is soooooo delicious! 😍❤️"
Dirk P.

"They just arrived. So delicious. Tried the Brownie flavor and it tastes like a chocolate bar.. but 14g protein!❤️ Awesome 🥳"
Karolin B.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are sugar alcohols and are they safe to consume?
  • Sugar alcohols belong the group of carbohydrates and do not have anything to do with drinking alcohol. They have less calories and a smaller effect on blood sugar levels than regular sugars. This makes them a perfect ingredient for this bar.
  • What makes the HEJ Cripsy special?
  • The HEJ Crispy is the result of two years of intense research to create the perfect protein bar. The result is a chocolate bar with excellent nutritional values. Also, it is the first chocolate protein bar without cheap collagen protein, palm oil, added sugars, artificial flavors or artificial colors. A must-have for your taste buds.


  • Contains milk and soy
  • May contain traces of gluten, eggs, peanuts and nuts.