Bestseller Bundle - Hejbar

  • Get the three Hejbar bestsellers
  • Plant-based fiber for saturation
  • 19g protein per bar, less than 3g sugar
EUR 4,99 EUR 6,87

What is inside?

Gluten free*

All production belts run certified gluten free products!*

Proprietary layering process

Several layers of deliciousness. Enjoy!

Lot and lots of protein

Considered healthy, provides energy and great for repairing cells – many reasons why this bar is packed with protein!

Low sugar

Only 2-3g of natural occurring sugar in this bars. Snack your way to fitness!

High fiber

Fiber saturates and slows the absorption of sugars into your blood stream.

Healthy snacking on the go

No matter where you are, our natural ingredients and optimal nutrition facts will serve your healthy lifestyle!

Always in my pocket

Fight off cravings with the Hejbar. With lots of protein and no added sugar you snack guilt-free!

Chocolate lovers watch out

The protein bestseller comes with tempting chocolate chips. Give your muscles what they need: 19g protein with incomparable soft taste and only 2g sugar!

Frequently asked questions

  • What makes the Hejbar special?
  • The Hejbar has less than 3 grams of sugar per bar with lots of fiber (18g-22g per bar) and lots of protein (19g-20g per bar). There is no added sugar in these bars and only highest quality premium ingredients are being used.
  • When should I eat the Hejbar?
  • It’s the ideal snack in between meals. Whenever you crave something sweet but want to avoid all the sugar.
  • What type of protein is being used?
  • The Hejbar contains only high-quality milk proteins. These are being used for their high bioavailability and help you reach your goals.


  • Variant Chocolate Almonds: Contains milk & almonds.
  • Variant Chocolate & Peanuts: Contains milk & peanuts.
  • Variant Chocolate Chip: Contains milk & soy.
  • Variant Strawberry Yogurt: Contains milk & soy.
  • Variant Chocolate Almonds: May contain traces of nutshell fragments, peanuts, nuts, sesame, eggs and soy . Source of glucose.
  • Variant Chocolate & Peanuts: May contain traces of nutshell fragments, soy-, nut-, and sesame products. Source of glucose.
  • Variant Chocolate Chip: May contain traces of nutshell fragments, other nuts, eggs, peanuts and sesame. Source of glucose.

( * ) Only Chocolate & Peanuts, Chocolate & Almonds, Chocolate Chip & Cookies & Milk are gluten free